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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who needs Pavlov?

I learned how to train my co-workers at The News-Herald without even offering them a treat.

Sure, I've threatened them, but that's another story.

But no one walks by me with an empty pop can without depositing it in the black garbage bag that hangs near my desk.

You'd be surprised how much pop we drink around here.

Once the bag is filled, it makes its way to the Lake Humane Society, 7564 Tyler Blvd. in Mentor.

Aluminum products can be dropped off in the bin at the shelter's parking lot anytime.

I'm not sure how much money the shelter gets for turning in products to a recycling company, but I know any money comes in handy when caring for all the animals.

The shelter does not receive any funds from the county. It relies on donations and fundraisers.

So, get your office or family involved. Save your aluminum products.

You'll not only be helping out a shelter animal, you'll be keeping Mother Earth a little greener.

-- Robin Palmer


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