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Monday, July 27, 2009

Donate gently worn shoes for Mexico spays

I know, I know, sometimes it feels like everyone's looking for handouts for needy pets. One cheeky co-worker recently told me he'd check our blog more regularly except we're always trying to find a home for an animal, and coincidentally he's not in the market for one.

Unfortunately the overwhelming need is simply not something we pet bloggers can ignore. I'm sorry if you find yourself scrolling through a series of "ads" before finding a conversation piece or local seminar to attend. But I also maintain that it's the least we can do - all of us - to at least take note of the need.

For instance, I recently received an e-mail from Zero Additional Pup-ulation Project, or ZAPP. "I hope you can cover this!" the spokesman wrote of the group's new Shoes for Spays program (and yes, the exclamation point was his touch). "We need to get as many shoe donations as possible to spay/neuter dogs and cats in Mexico and the surrounding area, where funds are unavailable."

This both perks my ears and seems a worthy cause - not local, per say, but certainly an instance where locals could help.

So here's the low-down: ZAPP was founded based on the fact that 92 percent of existing animals live on the streets of San Felipe. Between 15,000 and 20,000 stray and indigent dogs lived on the streets, under cars, on beaches and in deserts, starving, becoming ill, and having unwanted puppies. An unestimated number of feral cats did the same.

About 1,200 surgeries a month would stay ahead of the "production line," ZAPP calculated. At a cost of $30 each, the group currently performs 100 a month, and has already touched 5,500 animals, by selling donated gently worn or new men's and women's shoes on eBay.

Now ZAPP is turning its sights to Baja, and asks for shoe donations at:
Attn: Shoes for Spays
95 East Highway 98
Calexico, CA 92232
Thanks in advance - on behalf of ZAPP, but also myself for sticking with Pets Unleashed through it all. Rest assured your continued readership is an invaluable resource to those devoting endless energy and hours making the world a more beautiful place for pets.

-- Sandra M. Klepach,


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