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Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog: Leash Law Violators

Allow me to vent briefly.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs about my pets, my dog, Lakota, has had some dog aggression issues most of his 6 years on this planet.

That said, we have made progress, though it has ebbed and flowed over the years. But, situations like the one I found myself in last week are the reason why it’s a tough nut to crack sometimes.

Last Friday, being the wonderful Indian summer day that it was, I decided to take a jog with my dog. Unfortunately, other people decided the weather was perfect for such an occasion as well, so there happened to be quite a few dogs on our route.

Nonetheless, we did OK, until I had to cross over to a street where I’ve run into a man who always leaves his Labrador retriever off leash in the past.

Hoping I had the timing right to avoid a similar occurrence, I continued jogging past the house, seeing no sign of the black dog.

However, he ended up being with his owner by a parked car in front of the garage and immediately came charging out.

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-- Cassandra Shofar,


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