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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sweet red-headed mix looking for a home

Warmed by a space heater, Peanut stayed a week in Rosemary Woodruff's Shaker Heights garage.

"My son was walking with his new girlfriend around Shaker Square on Dec. 26 and there was this young puppy who had been following someone around all day," Rosemary said. "But that person said, 'I don't want him, I can't keep him' - so my son brought him home."

Hey, it was better than the alternative, she added.

"Our electric bill will be horrendous this month, I'm sure, but that's what you do. We got him in the nick of time because it got really cold after we found him."

Now this adorable red-headed pooch is looking for a new home through the Public Animal Welfare Society of Ohio.

Peanut, in foster care for now, is a Pomeranian/Dachshund mix, likely between 2 and 5 years old, who weighs in at 18 pounds. Unable to find him another home, or his original owners, Rosemary got a call from PAWS Ohio, which asked her to bring him to Brecksville Animal Hospital.

On Saturday the veterinarian diagnosed some bald spots on his sides as burns.

'These areas are actually thermal or chemical burns, which have healed," said Meg Lamb, associate director of the dog division at PAWS Ohio. "It has yet to be determined if the hair will grow back in these areas. Aside from his scars, Peanut is a happy, friendly, energetic little guy who definitely has the look of a dachshund in his face and legs."

"He's energetic, he's got great self-esteem, and he just flies," Rosemary added. "When we go walking he just pulls me for such a little guy; he's 18 pounds and he's just really great."

Peanut will be available for adoption after he is neutered and vaccinated this week. (He's wearing a belly band in the picture above, but a neuter will stop him from spraying for good.) He'll also get a quick beauty makeover at the groomer's. Interested in adopting him or another of PAWS Ohio's loving animals? Visit and submit an application.

Lamb, meanwhile, stresses responsible pet ownership:

"This is the season when a lot of female dogs come into heat and male dogs are trying to find them. Please tell your readers to spay and neuter and, if not, to keep a closer eye on their dogs for the next several months. Those of us who care would hate to think of our dogs out loose in this weather.

"PAWS finds so many dogs that have not had basic veterinary care, who are ungroomed, or who have heartworm or other easily prevented diseases. Each of our dogs has a story, usually very sad, sometimes just stupid, that caused them to come into our foster program.

"Many rescue groups, PAWS included, could also use more foster homes for dogs and cats to save more animals."

-- Sandra M. Klepach,


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