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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Looking for a home: Gretchen, Uncle Vinnie, Marge and Homer

These four dogs need help finding homes. Enter South Euclid Humane Society and all its wonderful work.

Gretchen was found lying in a snow bank, shivering from the cold and whimpering from fear and loneliness.

She wiggled with glee when the South Euclid Humane volunteer wrapped her in a warm blanket and put her in the car for the first step of her journey, a foster home. And once settled in with her new friends at DogTopia Daycare for Dogs, Gretchen promptly forgot her troubled past and went about the business of being a puppy — running, playing, kissing and snuggling!

About Gretchen:
• 12-week-old, 17-pound female puppy
• Mystery breed, will probably be medium sized
• Has first puppy shots, will be spayed
• Pure puppy! Super snuggly, an expert face-kisser
• Great with other dogs, cats and kids

The good Samaritan who rescued Uncle Vinnie really did save his life. He was starving and freezing and desperately thin that one more night in the cold might have been his last.

After some encouragement, Vinnie finally snuggled up in a lap and went to sleep, looking up every few minutes to make sure he wasn't just dreaming that his long, lonely ordeal was really over.

About Vinnie:
• Roughly 6-year-old male mix - Boston terrier, perhaps?
• Painfully thin (17 pounds) so needs a lot of TLC and fattening up, otherwise in excellent health
• Has all shots, neutered
• Sweet, gentle, loving, and while shy at first, warms up quickly and definitely wants to be a lap dog
• Great with other dogs and cats, would likely be very sweet with kids

And then there's Marge and Homer, who are as close to perfect dogs as they come. Both are sweet, gentle, super-affectionate and obedience-trained. They're also ready-made family companions.

About Marge:
• 2-to-3-year-old, 40-pound female terrier mix
• Has all shots, spayed
• Perfectly trained, extraordinarily calm, looks into your eyes and asks "what would you like me to do now?"
• Loves kids and other dogs
• Could easily be a therapy or assistance dog
• Has been shot with a BB gun (two pellets remain but do no harm now) and still feels nothing but love

Found wandering the cold streets at the wee hours of the morning, when Marge saw Homer back at the police station she greeted him with a gentle kiss on his face. That's when rescuers knew they were either fast friends or had been together in the same home. They love each other's company but would also do fine apart.

About Homer:
• Roughly 6-year-old, 30-pound beagle
• Neutered
• Perfectly trained, though doesn't like being left alone for long periods
• Loves kids, dogs and is especially sweet with cats

South Euclid Humane Society requires a home visit and adoption fee. To meet with any of these dogs, contact Laura Bruck at 216-297-0360 or

-- Sandra M. Klepach,


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