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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Concord Abigail makes second annual prediction

Concord Abigail predicted in 2010 an early spring would come, this year she said the same.

The second annual event by John Niedzialek of Western Reserve Resource Conservation  and Development Council who resides in Concord claims "Abby gives a more credible prediction."

The ceremony took place at noon, which a much more scientific process is used at that time, according to Niedzialek. 

Concord Abby didn't see her shadow, which means an early spring.

World-famous Punxsutawney Phil made the same prediction a few hours earlier.

Despite the animals' predictions, which I hope are true, I have always gone by what my grandfather says.

There's six more weeks of winter on the calendar regardless of what the groundhog predicts on February 2.

Angela Gartner


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