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Friday, June 8, 2012

Ponderings by Picasso

There it stood in the family room.

The only thing more dreaded than the vacuum cleaner: THE CAT CARRIER

That cage-like contraption means only one thing: A TRIP TO THE VETS.

Lucky for me, this time the carrier was awaiting the presence of my 'sister' cat, 'Lil Girl.

Poor thing (yeah, right), she had a lump on her back and our human 'mom" was in a tizzy.

All ended well for 'Lil Girl. It was not a tumor, just a cyst.

She did have to get her vaccinations and a check-up, which included a quick look at her teeth and ears, and a listening of her heart.

I heard it was really pounding out of fear.

Poor, thing. Wish I could have been there for her.


Later, P.


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