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Friday, September 7, 2012

Ponderings by Picasso

My sister cat, Lil Girl (a.k.a. Wounded Paw) likes to aggravate me.

She enjoys sitting at the bottom of the steps and then taking a swipe at me when I try to get past her.

But the last few days I have caught a much-needed break from my tormentor.

It seems some creature (probably a field mouse or mole) has gotten inside the family room wall and is trying to scratch its way to freedom.

Lil Girl sits and stares at that wall for hours on end.

Sure, I wouldn't mind having a crack at the critter. Nothing tops off a can of Fancy Fest better than a mouse.

Yet, I am much more amused at watching Lil Girl watch the wall.

With apologies to Pink Floyd: All in all it's just another mouse in the wall.

Later, P.


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