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Friday, November 16, 2012

Ponderings by Picasso

Things I am thankful for as Thanksgiving Day approaches:

1. I'm not the bird on the platter.

2. I'm not a dog.

3. I'm not only a cat, but a house cat.

4. My litter box gets scooped daily.

5. Fancy Fest arrives in my dish twice daily, accompanied by soft treats.

6. I can sleep whenever and wherever I want, and I do.

7. Those stupid Election commercials are over.

(Let's be honest, wouldn't you rather see and hear that cute cat singing the Meow Mix song instead of Romney butchering "America the Beautiful?")

8. I have my own blog.

9. I don't need thumbs to type.

10. I love my family, even my annoying sister cat, 'Lil Girl.'

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope it is purrfect!

Later, P.


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