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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ponderings by Picasso

It's better in Mentor .. but not if you're a deer.

In fact, Mentor should change its motto to "The city where deer go to starve or die, or both."

OK, city officials, I understand your need for a culling program to help reduce the herd.

What I don't understand is your new law that forbids people from feeding deer ON THEIR OWN PROPERTY.

Give me a break, or least give the humans one on the taxes they pay on that same property.

What's next? Don't feed the birds or squirrels?

Don't plant shrubs that attract wildlife?

You have now added deer to the list of nuisance animals.

What about all the nuisance calls your police officers will have to go on because one neighbor says another neighbor is feeding the deer.

How are you going to prove that?

Will Big Brother be watching in our own back yards?

Where will it end?

I'm glad I'm an indoor cats because I'm sure feral cats will be next on your list.

And if I were a Canada goose, I head south not only for the winter, but forever.

It's better in Mentor, all right, but not for wildlife.

Later, P.


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