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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

Just a friendly reminder that when the temperatures dip this low, make sure your pets are not left outside.

Just because they have a fur coat does not mean they can survive this frigid blast.

Every year we hear and read about the tragic stories of cats and dogs found frozen to death.

They cannot survive outside for a long period of time when it is this cold.

If you see a pet that has been left outside in this kind of weather, do not hesitate to call your local police department and report this abuse.

Yes, it's animal abuse.

If the animal is a stray and you can provide it shelter, please do.

Life is tough enough when you do not have a home, so please try and make a difference.

If you see a loose dog in Lake County, call the Lake County Dog Warden's office at (440) 350-2640 or (440) 918-2640. In Geauga County, call (440) 286-8135. You can also report abuse to those agencies.

So as we endure this Artic blast the next few days, stay warm ... snuggle up with your kitty or dog.

-- Robin Palmer


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