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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can't say good-bye

How do I say good-bye after almost 20 years?

How can I thank you for all the joy you gave me?

My precious Kitty died Saturday night ... ironically on Valentine's Day, but appropriate too because she gave me such unconditional love.

Only people who love animals will understand the bond you make with your pets.

It's strange how attached you become to them. They are family. I knew her routines and she knew mine. We understood each other.

Even though she lost most of her hearing in her later years, she still knew when I came home each night.

As I opened the door, she would come down the stairs and greet me with a meow.

Just seeing her made me happy. Any problems I had that day would just melt away.

My last memory is wrapping her frail body in a blanket and taking her to the emergency animal clinic.

Even though time had taken a toll on her body, her face still looked like a kitten ... the same one that came into my life in July 1989.

I am thankful she had such a long, good life.

I will keep Kitty in my heart forever.

-- Robin Palmer


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