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Friday, February 27, 2009

Strong read on primates as pets

I recommend this fascinating piece by the New York Times on the challenges and dangers of keeping primates as pets beyond puberty.

A particularly jolting excerpt from a woman who is estranged from all three of her children because she prioritized her two chimps, Mikey and Louie, instead:
In a New York hotel for a job with Mikey, Ms. Harrison was letting the chimp groom her teeth, which is to say, pick at them -- a not uncommon chimp habit and an example, perhaps, of a chimp simianizing a human.

"All of a sudden I feel a severe pain on the right side of my mouth and then I felt something dripping down my face," Ms. Harrison says. "And there was all this blood, and I look over at Mikey and here he had my tooth in his hand, roots and all. He had pulled my tooth out with one finger."
-- Sandra M. Klepach


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