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Friday, April 2, 2010

April 1 update on dog auction ballot initiative

If you're wondering about the latest numbers on the ballot initiative to ban dog auctions in Ohio, look no farther:

• 120,700 signatures from registered Ohio voters are needed to get the legislature to consider the proposed law in Dec. 1, '10.

• These signatures must be collected in certain amounts from 44 of Ohio's 88 counties.

• 10,297 signatures were collected between Nov. '09 and April 1, '10 - thanks to 259 volunteer petition circulators in 65 counties.

• At least 110,403 more signatures are needed.

Locally by county, Cuyahoga has reached 23.59 percent of its goal but still needs at least 10,409 more signatures, Geauga has reached 25.89 percent of its goal but still needs at least 870 more signatures, and Lake has reached 13.11 percent of its goal but still needs at least 2,294 more signatures, according to the campaign led by Mary O'Connor-Shaver of Columbus Top Dogs.

The next Ohio Dog Auction is scheduled to take place on May 22, and over 300 dogs are expected to be on the block. "We received some disturbing reports from the March 27 Ohio Dog Auction which included dogs purchased by a rescue that had high fevers, infected gums, inflamed hips and broken legs," O'Connor-Shaver added. "The veterinarian's report has been requested from the rescue, and we will provide you additional details on that case as they are received by the Coalition."

To download a campaign kit, complete with a dog auction Q&A, an informational sheet on strategies to raise awareness and gather signatures from registered voters, and the petition itself, click here.

Click here to visit the campaign's Facebook page.

-- Sandra M. Klepach,


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