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Monday, March 29, 2010

Are you an Owlcoholic?

Last week, I blogged about watching a black bear.

This week, it's a barn owl. And I am becoming an Owlcoholic.

To view the livestream of the barn owl, click here. People are chatting live on the right side of the screen, so it's uncensored, though I haven't seen anything offensive come across.

More information on the owls, from a Monday Associated Press article:
Thousands watch as owlets hatch in California yard
SAN MARCOS, Calif. — A barn owl couple in California has given birth to a family and a fan club.
Two years ago, Carlos and Donna Royal made an owl box, put it on top of a 15-foot pole in their northern San Diego County back yard and hooked up a video camera. Barn owls Molly and McGee moved into the box in January and started a family.
Since debuted, it’s had more than 3 million hits. More than 17,000 people watched as the first owlet hatched on March 21. A fourth baby owl hatched Sunday, with one egg remaining.
The Royals have named the babies Max, Pattison, Austin and Wesley.

I like the idea of watching Lily the Black Bear, but she's a little ... boring. Not much going on in the bear cave. But every time I have tuned into the owls, they are moving around and chirping. And there's one egg left to hatch! That could happen at any moment! I might have to keep the livestream open in another window on my computer (just don't tell my boss).

-- Cheryl Sadler



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