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Monday, March 22, 2010

Lily the Black Bear

Have you ever wanted to watch a black bear in its natural habitat but don't want to venture inside a cave?

WildEarth.TV will let you do just that, with a video camera set up in the black bear den of Lily. Tune in here.

According to Lily's Facebook, page:
Lily the Black Bear is part of a long-term research project run by the North American Bear Center ( and the Wildlife Research Institute out of Ely, Minnesota.
Producer Doug Hajicek and bear researcher Lynn Rogers installed the LIVE cam in her den so the public could share in the birth and care of her cub.

Lily gave birth two months ago (The video is not graphic; you're not going to see much more than Lily's back and her cub's paws. But be sure you are watching with volume because you can hear the cub crying.):

I have tuned in to watch Lily a few times, but haven't seen much movement. The other night I saw her cub stirring as Lily slept. It's pretty amazing to see such wild animals, separated by a few thousand miles and a video camera.

Become a fan of Lily on Facebook here to get more updates about her, or follow her on Twitter @LilyBlackBear.

-- Cheryl Sadler



Blogger Elizabeth said...

I'm going to be going to the Bear Center this weekend with my parents..(excited).

The people at the bear center also have bears at night that visit the center too.They have radio collars attached to them.

Bears are interesting animals,and glad there is a center that is devoted strictly to them,in order to make the world a better place for bears.

Nice article Cheryl..:)

Elizabeth in Minnesota

April 8, 2010 at 10:22 AM 

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