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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pet Acoustics now selling $249.95 speakers

Remember my Pet Acoustics app blog?

Well the whole thing just got a lot more expensive. Not that I'm spending.

Meet the My Pet Speaker - the world’s first sound system designed to cater specifically to the hearing sensitivities of dogs, cats and horses, according to the pitch.

Did you know that our pets can hear frequencies that are both much higher and much lower than what the human ear is capable of hearing?

Well (only sound techs and gear heads proceed...) "designed to eliminate unsettling frequencies, My Pet Speaker features an Omni directional speaker with a 4” drive unit and cone reflector which disburses the music in 360 degrees recreating how animals hear in nature. By producing limited frequencies and featuring a soft bass design for listening comfort, your pets will not be startled or disturbed by jarring volumes and piercing sounds that put them on alert. My Pet Speaker keeps these alarming frequencies within the comfort range of your pet’s hearing. This allows you to use your entire music library to fill you and your pets’ environment with a sense of calm and relaxation."

The unit also features attractive real-wood veneers...

Or shell out $1.99 for the much-cheaper Pet Acoustics app on iTunes. Whether it will relax your pets is anybody's guess. Mine didn't show any visual signs of caring, but maybe I was reading too much into it.

-- Sandra M. Klepach,


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