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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stamps to benefit shelter animals; looking for a home

Great news! Starting Friday we can all buy stamps at the post office that will help buy food for shelter pets!

That said, here are a few pets in dire need of homes currently fostered by gracious volunteers at the South Euclid Humane Society.

"I'm hoping these dogs can be posted ASAP," Laura Bruck said. "We literally have no foster homes left (one of these dogs is temporarily at Euclid shelter) and I'm worried about what will happen if another dog comes in!"

Wendall, 2-year-old Shepherd mix
When rescued, this sweet boy was worried only about protecting his companion, a little female named Fern, also rescued by South Euclid. Now that his buddy is safe, Wendall sits waiting and watching hopefully as people pass by car or on foot and wondering if the family he loves is coming to take him home.
• 60 pounds, scheduled for neutering, house trained, vaccinated
• Well mannered, snuggly, playful and loves other dogs
• Extraordinarily beautiful (his photo doesn’t do justice to his plush silky coat and beautiful floppy ears)
• URGENT! With no foster homes available, lonely Wendall is sitting in a cage at a local shelter. South Euclid Humane Society has one week to find him a foster home.

Arlo, 2-year-old hound mix (with maybe some pit or boxer)
Found wandering the streets, this sweet boy literally greeted the animal warden with a hug! Then, at the vet, Arlo saw a woman whose dog had just died crying and ever so gently jumped up, put his paws around her, and lay his head on her chest.
• 55 pounds, neutered, house trained, vaccinated
• Sweet, gentle, super-affectionate, snuggler
• Loves other dogs (can't tell yet about cats), would love to snuggle with kids
• Extraordinarily calm but also very playful - the perfect doggie combo!

Gomer, 1-to-2-year-old mini boxer (or mix)
So sweet, silly and playful, Gomer snuggles happily with his foster dad and romps with his five foster dog brothers and sisters. In fact, he needed no introductions - simply walked in, said a cordial hello to all five, chose his favorite (Milly, another boxer, of course) and began to play!
• About 37 pounds, neutered, cropped tail and floppy ears, vaccinated
• Perfect with other dogs, and won't bother those who don't want to play
• Working on house training (and learning quickly)
• Leaps into the air with glee - would be the perfect agility dog!
• Extraordinarily calm but also very playful - the perfect doggie combo!

Wilson, 6-year-old mix (mostly retriever, a little rotti?)
Wilson was terrified when he was found whimpering at a busy intersection. We were sure he had just gotten lost. After all, this sweet, well-mannered (and well-fed) guy was definitely someone’s indoor companion. But Wilson has a mass on his hind quarters that requires surgery. It’s likely that he’ll be just fine, but it now also seems likely that his "family" simply dumped him when they learned he needed surgery - which we are now making preparations to provide.
• 70 pounds, neutered, vaccinated
• Perfectly trained, easy-going, 100 percent gentle and affectionate, playful
• Loves everyone - a great dog for families with other dogs, cats or kids!

Fern, 1-year-old pit mix
Once given a death sentence at another shelter for being part pit, Fern now has a new lease on life. Still timid and uncertain, her tail (once plastered under her tummy) now has a reason to wag as she starts to feel safe in the loving arms of her foster mom.
• 37 pounds, vaccinated, scheduled for spaying
• Working on house training (and learning quickly)
• Sweet and gentle, well mannered, quickly warms up to people and loves to snuggle
• Enjoys playing with other dogs - good with cats, too!

A fee and home visit is required for adoption. For more on any of these dogs, contact Laura Bruck at 216-297-0360 or

-- Sandra M. Klepach,


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