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Friday, July 20, 2012

Ponderings by Picasso

I'm really hot under the collar and I don't even wear one.

What has me so steamed is another story of some jerk leaving their pet locked inside a car when the temperature is as hot as hell (excuse my language, but fur is about to fly.)

The latest incident happened in a downtown Cleveland parking lot when "idiot owner" left his 7-month-old pit bull mix in a pickup, with a window barely cracked.

This was Tuesday when the outdoor temps were near 100 degrees.

Inside the truck? Well, we're talking hell again.

The dog was eventually rescued, especially after a TV reporter got involved.

The "I'm not fit to be a human" dog owner shrugged off the reporter's question about leaving the dog in the truck.

"It's only a dog," the jerk mumbled.

And you're not humane enough to own him, I say.

Every dog has his day...

Later, P.


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