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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Looking for a home: Cosmo the cat

Cosmo needs a home by May 15 because his owner cannot take him where he's going.

"I sense he is sad," Cosmo wrote in an e-mail to potential adoptive parents. "I will be loyal with my love and affection regardless of yours to me, but yours to me would be so nice."

Cosmo clearly believes he's a good sell, too:
I’ll follow you around and stay with you often – I don’t spend the day under the couch and come out only to eat. I will love your company and be there with you, lying on your feet. You can pet me all you want and I love lying on my back while you pet my belly ... oh how I love the belly pets!

I don’t have my front claws and that’s fine as I have never been outside. A window or two with a soft cushy perch is enough for me, and remember, I will use the perch while you are in the room – if you move to another room like my current owner often does, I will follow and lay in the middle of the floor, just so I can see you, until you are ready to pet me some more.

I will play fetch like a dog when I’m in the mood, and that bright red dot (laser pointer) really gets me going sometimes – other times I don’t care. I never bite and have only hissed twice in the five years I have been with my current owner. Hey, sometimes I get a little excited, what can i say?

I have had all my shots (I hate that, but the smells at that place are pretty good) and my back nails have just been trimmed so when I do get excited playing with you I won’t scratch too deep. I am about 5 years old or so, and I think I’m pretty big compared to the other moving things I have seen out the window. I weigh about 18 pounds but the guy in the white coat at that place with the good smells says I am not overweight – I guess I’m just big-boned.

Oh, and I love to open the kitchen cabinet doors whenever I can. I hope you don’t mind – I find doors a challenge and just have to figure out how to open them. I like big doors, too, if I can find one to swing open so it hits another one. You can pick me up and I will let you hold me for a while so long as you let me look around at the ceiling and things I don’t usually see, and then you have to put me down. I really don’t like being in your lap so please don’t make me, but I will lay between your legs on the recliner or next to your legs when you lay on the couch.

And oh, I do love the feet...
To inquire about Cosmo, contact Jim McDonald at 216-251-4624 or

-- Sandra M. Klepach,


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