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Those who love their pets tend to enjoy all animals. Our animal owners are no different. Check in on News-Herald staffers Robin Palmer and Cheryl Sadler as they share their own animal tales and announce upcoming events in Lake and Geauga counties.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Geauga Dog Warden holding adoptathon

The Geauga Dog Warden, 12513 Merritt Road, Chardon, is having an adoptathon Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

People are invited to visit the shelter and maybe find a new canine friend or family member.

You can also bring your dog to the shelter for a wash at a cost of $15 or a nail trim for $8.

The event will also include food, drinks and a bake sale.

-- Robin Palmer

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Animal Crackers: Four-legged duckling

Some might call this animal an ugly duckling, but its four legs just make it unique:

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

Make your day a little more bearable with a weekly feature on Pets Unleashed: Animal Crackers. Think of it as a mid-week snack that just might crack you up. Send an e-mail or tweet with your suggestions for future Animal Crackers.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Canine education class

Mentor Recreation is offering Canine Education, a fun, educational, basic canine training class to help your dog evolve into an obedient member of the family by mastering commands using positive reinforcement training. The next six-week series of classes begins at 2 p.m. April 30 or 2 p.m. May 1.

Basic Canine Education classes are for dogs ages 6 months and older. Pet parents should bring a choke chain or flat collar and leash, soft training treats, and a copy of the dog's current vaccination record. No prong collars or retractable leashes, please.

Instructor Kristen Hasasneh-Polsner has been a certified dog trainer for more than four years. She volunteers and has participated in training dogs at the Lake Humane Society.

Register online at, or call the Mentor Recreation Department at 440-974-5720. Cost is $25 for residents and $36 for nonresidents.

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dog shelter in need of supplies

The Geauga County Dog Warden shelter is in need of raw hides, bleach, dog and puppy food (dry and canned), flea prevention, dog treats and hot dogs. The Geauga County Dog Warden shelter is at 12513 Merritt Road in Claridon Township, just outside of Chardon. For details, call 440-286-8135.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

A man ... and a goose

A man who visits Echo Park in Los Angeles has developed a good friendship with a goose who lives in the park.

I can't embed the video, so you'll have to click here to watch a segment that appeared on the "CBS Evening News" about the man and the goose. It's really sweet, and pretty incredible that a wild animal has gotten so close to a human.

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Animal Crackers: Cadbury Bunny tryouts

With Easter right around the corner, this week we're directing our attention to the Cadbury Bunny -- and tryouts to become the next Cadbury Bunny. Check out some videos from over the years:

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

Make your day a little more bearable with a weekly feature on Pets Unleashed: Animal Crackers. Think of it as a mid-week snack that just might crack you up. Send an e-mail or tweet with your suggestions for future Animal Crackers.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rebel Rock benefits PetFix NortheastOhio

Three bands will be performing a concert at Beachland Ballroom to benefit PetFix Northeast Ohio.

State Road, Hillbilly Idol and Exhibit A will take the stage May 1 for "Rebels With a Cause -- Rockin' Down the Highway" to raise funds for PetFix surgeries. Doors open at 5 p.m., and music starts at 5:30 p.m.

Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door, and can be purchased at, or by calling Beachland Ballroom at 216-383-1124 or PetFix Northeast Ohio at 440-247-8931. Attendees have a chance to win two VIP tickets to "Fix, Rattle & Roll," Oct. 15 at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Beachland Ballroom is at 15711 Waterloo Road in Cleveland.

PetFix Northeast Ohio is a mobile, low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Learn more about PetFix on its Facebook page (") or at

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cat found with arrow through head

 The Associated Press is reporting that a cat in California was found with an arrow through its head. The cat is OK and recovering from surgery.

Here's what the report from the AP:

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) — A Northern California cat found with an arrow sticking through one ear and into the base of its head is recuperating after surgery at a veterinary hospital. 
Max, a three-year-old domestic short hair is seen with an arrow
through his ear on Sunday, April 10, in Santa Cruz, Calif.
Nancy Paquin, the owner of “Max,” says that the cat showed up at the family home in Santa Cruz Sunday night with the arrow protruding from its head. 
Santa Cruz County Animal Services Manager Todd Stosuy says the cat was shot with a 12-inch arrow that appeared to come from a crossbow. 
No arrests have been made, but animal control officers are canvassing the neighborhood trying to identify a possible suspect. 
Paquin says that except for a hole through its ear, the three-year-old housecat is “doing really well.”

--Danielle Capriato


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Animal Crackers: Rabbit and dog share a carrot

These pets are good enough buddies that they can share a snack.

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

Make your day a little more bearable with a weekly feature on Pets Unleashed: Animal Crackers. Think of it as a mid-week snack that just might crack you up. Send an e-mail or tweet with your suggestions for future Animal Crackers.

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Get your four-legged family members vaccinated against rabies

The Ashtabula County Humane Society’s Annual Rabies Clinic 1 to 4 p.m. April 30 at the 2806 State Route 307, Austinburg. The cost is $10, and the shot will be administered by Dr. Diane Veale from Country Doctor in Jefferson.

All dogs, cats and ferrets 3 months of age and older qualify. No sick animals, please.

Protect your loved ones by keeping your four-legged family members vaccinated against the rabies virus. Wild mammals, including bats, raccoons, skunks, coyotes and foxes, can carry and transmit the rabies virus to humans or pets. Vaccinating your pet helps protect you and your family from the rabies virus. Rabies is a preventable viral disease, so it is important to have your pet inoculated.

For details, call 440-969-6100.

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cutest Critters

Animal lovers have we got a deal for you. Read on ..

Cutest Critters

Did you know ... ?

  • Ailurophilia is the "love of cats."
  • People who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks.
  • Calico cats are almost always female.
  • According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the heaviest cat on record was Himmy, an Australian cat, who weighed 46 pounds, 15.25 ounces in 1986.  Himmy's waist was 33 inches!  The previous record-holder had been Spice, a ginger-and-white tom cat from Connecticut, who weighed 43 pounds when he died in 1977.

These fun facts and more can be found here at this post about cats.


--Danielle Capriato


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Geauga Dog Shelter needs donations

The Geauga County Dog Warden shelter can use your help.

It is in need of raw hides, bleach, dog and puppy food (dry and canned), flea prevention, dog crates (used are fine) and any leftover medication that your dog no longer needs.

Drop off donations at the Geauga County Dog Warden, 12513 Merritt Road, Chardon, 44024,
or call 440-286-8135.

They would appreciate your help.

-- Robin Palmer

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This makes me sick

Check out this Associated Press photo and the info below. This is horrifying...

A lone border collie looks down at rows of cages used to hold captured dogs as they wait to be vaccinated by the Marion County Humane Society after a shutdown of a puppy mill operation on Tuesday in Jefferson, Texas.

The hospitalized owner of about 140 starving dogs seized in Northeast Texas could face charges over the neglected animals.

The Marshall News-Messenger reported Wednesday that the animals have been rescued from property near Jefferson.

Humane Society of Marion County leader Caroline Wedding says some animals were in cages, while others were left to roam the woods.

She says the dogs are being treated for flea infestations, skin diseases, infected eyes and starvation.

Officials say the owner, a 64-year-old man whose name has not been released, had been away from the property since last month after being admitted to a hospital in Shreveport, La.

Some of his relatives contacted animal rescue authorities, who began seizing the dogs last Friday.

-- Robin Palmer

Animal Crackers: The manatee can't stop

This video isn't very long, so there's really not much more to say to it than that:

-- Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

Make your day a little more bearable with a weekly feature on Pets Unleashed: Animal Crackers. Think of it as a mid-week snack that just might crack you up. Send an e-mail or tweet with your suggestions for future Animal Crackers.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pictures with the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny will make a stop at Animal Rescue Center in Eastlake on Friday, April 14, and Saturday, April 15, and you and your pets are welcome to have their picture taken with the long-eared fellow.

Pets, kids and family members can meet the Easter Bunny and have photos taken from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. April 14 and from noon to 5 p.m. on April 15.

Cost is $5 and all proceeds go to the nonprofit Animal Rescue Center.

ARC Adoption Center is at 36370 Vine St., in Eastlake.

For more details, call 440-942-1753.

-- Robin Palmer


'Thundercat' a purrfect purring machine

Smokey, a gray and white tabby cat prepares to
receive a treat from owner Ruth Adams,
in Northampton , England.
Can you imagine a cat purring as loud as a vacuum cleaner?

One woman doesn't have to.

The Associated Press reports that a London woman recently recorded her tabby purring at 73 decibels, which is much louder than normal conversation. A recording of the cat's purr has been sent to the Guinness Book of World Records for consideration.

Here is the story from the AP:
LONDON (AP) — No need to bell this cat: A gray-and-white tabby by the name of Smokey has cat-apulted to fame with purring so loud it has been recorded at a potentially record-setting 73 decibels. 
The British community college that measured the sound said it peaked at 16 times louder than that of the average cat. By some estimates, that is about as noisy as busy traffic, a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner. 
The 12-year-old, ordinary-size feline first came to national attention last month when her owner, Ruth Adams, decided to run a local competition for the most powerful purr. That led to a local radio show appearance, and from there, media coverage snowballed, with the tabloids full of headlines like “Thundercat” and “Rumpuss.” 
“Sometimes she purrs so loudly it makes her cough and splutter,” Adams said on a website devoted to the cat, which was rescued from a shelter about three years ago. Smokey “even manages to purr while she eats.” 
Hoping to see Smokey recognized as top cat, Adams asked Northampton College in central England to provide the equipment needed to submit a world-record application. Last week, the college dispatched a team with specialized sound equipment to record Smokey purring in the comfort of the family home in the village of Pitsford, about 70 miles northwest of London. 
The recording has been submitted to Guinness World Records, the college said.
Seventy-three decibels is louder than ordinary conversation, which is generally around 60 to 70 dB. On a video posted on the website, the purring sounded like the cooing of an angry dove.
Guinness World Records spokeswoman Amarilis Whitty said she is eagerly awaiting the recording. 
While Smokey may have gotten used to the attention, the Adams household seems to be getting a little sick of it all. 
“Oh, God, you’re not the only caller,” said a man who answered the phone at the home Wednesday. He then hung up. 
Cats purr by moving the muscles in their throats and diaphragm. But precisely why they do it is a matter of debate. Cats can purr when they are pleased — for example, when they are stroked — but they also purr under stress. Some scientists believe that purring has a social or even a healing function. 
“She is LOUD VERY LOUD and keeps going,” Adams said on the website, adding: “She is one very happy pussycat and wants to tell the whole world how happy she is.”

Here is a video of Smokey purring away.

For more on Smokey, visit his website.

--Danielle Capriato

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dogs looking for a home

Rosie and Bella were both surrendered by their owners because they could no longer care for them. They are about 6 months old and available for adoption at the Lake Humane Society, 7564-E Tyler Blvd., Mentor.

Rosie is a pit bull mix.

Bella is a Lab mix.

Each enjoy walks and playing outside, so they wouldn’t mind a fenced-in backyard. They have been at the shelter since January. For more information on these dogs, visit the humane society’s website at or stop in the shelter to visit them. For more information, call 440-951-6122.

-- Robin Palmer | and
Cheryl Sadler | | @nhcheryl

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