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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Two little fur balls joined the zoo that is my house recently, and I've finally found some time to sit down and tell you about them.

Badger and Rocco are these awesome little creatures who are starting to develop ninja-like tactics; particularly Rocco who is learning how to sneak around my arms and jump out of his cage.

The pair spent most of their introductory period hiding in their little wicker house, but they have since come around and are far more curious about their surroundings.

Their big sister Kitty (I'm fairly certain you can guess what animal she is...) is equally curious and likes to hang around, at times getting nose to nose with Rocco through the wire-cage walls.

What's entertaining about their relationship (Rocco and Kitty) is that most of the time, Rocco is the one who dominates the situation. He climbs around the inside of his cage - a trait his brother has picked up - and as soon as the cat walks by, he's after her tail.

They're cute together, and Rocco has scared Kitty away enough that I'm really not concerned about her natural instincts coming out.

Badger was actually named after the Honey Badger (see YouTube) for his seemingly worry-free attitude. Although, he proceeds with more caution now since Rocco has taken the lead role between the two.

They have already doubled in size since the day I brought them home, and I anticipate they'll do it once more.
They are doing pretty well on our strolls around the bedroom, Rocco is more comfortable perched on my shoulder, but Badger will come around.

If you've never had rats, and you're looking for a cool pet, I suggest picking up a pair.

Keep in mind that rats will always do better in pairs. They can take care of one another when you're not around, and they won't be terribly bored when stuck inside a cage.

That being said, you also want to bring them out at least once a day for a good bit of time and let them either hang around with you, or walk around  in one of those plastic ball contraptions.

And if you seriously start looking into becoming the next rat whisperer, make sure to locate a good vet who can treat your tiny companion.



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