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Friday, April 5, 2013

Ponderings by Picasso

I've heard of a wild goose chase, but chasing a wild turkey is a whole other story.

And, this time, the turkey has won.

Officials from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources have given up in their quest to catch a tom turkey, affectionately named Mr. Gobbles, who has been hanging around a busy Mentor interesection since November (he actually showed up the day after Thanksgiving).

Apparently looking for love in all the wrong places, Mr. Gobbles has a habit of wandering out into traffic on Route 84.

Last week, Mr. Gobbles made his way east, and after being chased by Mentor police and ODNR officials, he took up residence in a tree in neighboring Kirtland Hills.

Now that Mr. Gobbles has moved to a more remote area, officials are no longer crying 'fowl."

Gee, Mr. Gobbles, you should have come to my Mentor back yard where deer, Canada geese, mallards, a
blue heron and racoons frequent.

It's a real zoo out there.

Later, P.


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